Hard Disk Sentinel 5.40.7 PRO     2019.07.20. 5:39:43

Physical Disk Information - Disk: #1: WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0

Hard Disk Summary

 Hard Disk Number:1
 Interface:SAT Standard USB/ATA
 Vendor Information:VID: 1058, PID: 1021
 Disk Controller:Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft) (USB 3.0) [VEN: 8086, DEV: 1E31] Version: 10.0.17134.1, 4-10-2018
 Hard Disk Model ID:WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0
 Firmware Revision:05.01D05
 Hard Disk Serial Number:WD-WCATR7243510
 Total Size:953859 MB
 Power State:Active
 Current Temperature:26 C
 Maximum Temperature (Ever Measured):26 C, 2019.07.20. 5:39:05
 Minimum Temperature (Ever Measured):25 C, 2019.07.20. 5:22:28
 Maximum Temperature (During Entire Lifespan):62 C
 Power On Time:1614 days, 10 hours
 Estimated Remaining Lifetime:more than 210 days
100 % (Excellent)
100 % (Excellent)

The hard disk status is PERFECT. Problematic or weak sectors were not found and there are no spin up or data transfer errors.

No actions needed.

ATA Information

 Hard Disk Cylinders:1938021
 Hard Disk Heads:16
 Hard Disk Sectors:63
 ATA Revision:ATA8-ACS
 Transport Version:SATA Rev 3.0
 Total Sectors:1953525168
 Bytes Per Sector:512
 Multiple Sectors:16
 Error Correction Bytes:50
 Unformatted Capacity:953870 MB
 Maximum PIO Mode:4
 Maximum Multiword DMA Mode:2
 Active Multiword DMA Mode:2
 Highest Possible Transfer Rate:S-ATA Gen3 Signaling Speed (6 Gps)
 Negotiated Transfer Rate:S-ATA I Signaling Speed (1.5 Gps)
 Minimum Multiword DMA Transfer Time:120 ns
 Recommended Multiword DMA Transfer Time:120 ns
 Minimum PIO Transfer Time Without IORDY:120 ns
 Minimum PIO Transfer Time With IORDY:120 ns
 ATA Control Byte:Valid
 ATA Checksum Value:Valid

Acoustic Management Configuration

 Acoustic Management:Not supported
 Acoustic Management:Disabled
 Current Acoustic Level:Default (00h)
 Recommended Acoustic Level:Default (00h)

ATA Features

 Read Ahead Buffer:Supported, Enabled
 Ultra DMA:Supported
 Power Management:Supported
 Write Cache:Supported
 Host Protected Area:Supported
 HPA Security Extensions:Supported
 Advanced Power Management:Not supported
 Extended Power Management:Not supported
 Power Up In Standby:Supported
 48-Bit LBA Addressing:Supported
 Device Configuration Overlay:Supported
 IORDY Support:Supported
 Read/Write DMA Queue:Not supported
 NOP Command:Supported
 Trusted Computing:Not supported
 64-Bit World Wide ID:50014EE25B29A485
 Streaming:Not supported
 Media Card Pass Through:Not supported
 General Purpose Logging:Supported
 Error Logging:Supported
 CFA Feature Set:Not supported
 CFast Device:Not supported
 Long Physical Sectors (1):Not supported
 Long Logical Sectors:Not supported
 Write-Read-Verify:Not supported
 NV Cache Feature:Not supported
 NV Cache Power Mode:Not supported
 NV Cache Size:Not supported
 Free-fall Control:Not supported
 Free-fall Control Sensitivity:Not supported
 Service Interrupt:Not supported
 IDLE IMMEDIATE Command With UNLOAD Feature:Not supported

SSD Features

 Data Set Management:Not supported
 TRIM Command:Not supported
 Deterministic Read After TRIM:Not supported
 Read Zeroes After TRIM:Not supported

S.M.A.R.T. Details

 Off-line Data Collection Status:Successfully Completed
 Self Test Execution Status:Successfully Completed
 Total Time To Complete Off-line Data Collection:17280 seconds
 Execute Off-line Immediate:Supported
 Abort/restart Off-line By Host:Not supported
 Off-line Read Scanning:Supported
 Short Self-test:Supported
 Extended Self-test:Supported
 Conveyance Self-test:Supported
 Selective Self-Test:Supported
 Save Data Before/After Power Saving Mode:Supported
 Enable/Disable Attribute Autosave:Supported
 Error Logging Capability:Supported
 Short Self-test Estimated Time:2 minutes
 Extended Self-test Estimated Time:200 minutes
 Conveyance Self-test Estimated Time:5 minutes
 Last Short Self-test Result:Never Started
 Last Short Self-test Date:Never Started
 Last Extended Self-test Result:Never Started
 Last Extended Self-test Date:Never Started
 Last Conveyance Self-test Result:Never Started
 Last Conveyance Self-test Date:Never Started

Security Mode

 Security Mode:Supported
 Security Erase:Supported
 Security Erase Time:176 minutes
 Security Enhanced Erase Feature:Supported
 Security Enhanced Erase Time:176 minutes
 Security Enabled:No
 Security Locked:No
 Security Frozen:No
 Security Counter Expired:No
 Security Level:High
 Device Encrypts All User Data:No
 Sanitize:Not supported
 Overwrite:Not supported
 Crypto Scramble:Not supported
 Block Erase:Not supported
 Sanitize Antifreeze Lock:Not supported
 ACS-3 Commands Allowed By Sanitize:No

Serial ATA Features

 S-ATA Compliance:Yes
 S-ATA I Signaling Speed (1.5 Gps):Supported
 S-ATA II Signaling Speed (3 Gps):Supported
 S-ATA Gen3 Signaling Speed (6 Gps):Supported
 Receipt Of Power Management Requests From Host:Supported
 PHY Event Counters:Supported
 Non-Zero Buffer Offsets In DMA Setup FIS:Not supported
 DMA Setup Auto-Activate Optimization:Supported, Disabled
 Device Initiating Interface Power Management:Not supported
 In-Order Data Delivery:Not supported
 Asynchronous Notification:Not supported
 Software Settings Preservation:Supported, Enabled
 Native Command Queuing (NCQ):Supported
 Queue Length:32
 NCQ Streaming:Not supported
 NCQ Autosense:Not supported
 Automatic Partial To Slumber Translations:Not supported
 Rebuild Assist:Not supported
 Hybrid Information:Not supported
 Device Sleep (DevSleep):Not supported
 DevSleep To ReducedPwrState:Not supported

Disk Information

 Disk Family:Caviar Black
 Form Factor:3.5"
 Capacity:1 TB (1 x 1000000000000 bytes)
 Number Of Disks:2
 Number Of Heads:4
 Rotational Speed:7200 RPM
 Rotation Time:8,33 ms
 Average Rotational Latency:4,17 ms
 Disk Interface:Serial-ATA/600
 Buffer-Host Max. Rate:600 MB/seconds
 Buffer Size:65536 KB
 Drive Ready Time (Typical):11 seconds
 Average Seek Time:? ms
 Track To Track Seek Time:? ms
 Full Stroke Seek Time:? ms
 Width:101,6 mm (4,0 inch)
 Depth:147,0 mm (5,8 inch)
 Height:25,4 mm (1,0 inch)
 Weight:690 grams (1,5 pounds)
 Acoustic (Idle):2,8 Bel
 Acoustic (Min Performance And Volume):2,9 Bel
 Acoustic (Max Performance And Volume):3,3 Bel
 Required Power For Spinup:1015 mA
 Power Required (Seek):6,8 W
 Power Required (Idle):6,1 W
 Power Required (Standby):0,7 W
 Manufacturer:Western Digital Corporation
 Manufacturer Website:http://www.westerndigital.com/en/products


1Raw Read Error Rate51200200
OK Self Preserving, Error-Rate, Performance, Statistical, Critical  
3Spin Up Time21172171
OK Self Preserving, Performance, Statistical, Critical  
 4Start/Stop Count05252
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
5Reallocated Sectors Count140200200
OK Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical, Critical  
 7Seek Error Rate0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Error-Rate, Performance, Statistical  
 9Power On Time Count04747
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
10Spin Retry Count0100100
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 11Drive Calibration Retry Count0100100
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 12Drive Power Cycle Count09999
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 192Power off Retract Cycle Count0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 193Load/Unload Cycle Count0184184
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 194Disk Temperature012185
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Statistical  
196Reallocation Event Count0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
197Current Pending Sector Count0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
198Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count  
 199Ultra ATA CRC Error Count0200200
OK (Always passing) Self Preserving, Event Count, Statistical  
 200Write Error Rate0200200
OK (Always passing) Error-Rate  

Transfer Rate Information

 Total Data Read:0 MB, 260 MB since installation (2019.06.22.)
 Total Data Write:0 MB, 5149264 MB since installation
 Average Reads Per Day:9,29 MB
 Average Writes Per Day:183902,29 MB
 Current Transfer Rate:0 KB/s
 Maximum Transfer Rate:0 KB/s
 Current Read Rate:0 KB/s
 Current Write Rate:0 KB/s
 Current Disk Activity:0 %